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Glem Glem believe in origin, culture and tradition. Glem Gas was born in 1959 at Modena, home to balsamic vinegar and car makers Ferrari and Lamborghini. As in the best post-war Italian tradition the company was founded by 3 old friends who had the intuition to start producing small gas operated heaters and chimneys. Later on their desire to enlarge the range led to the creation of the first freestanding Glem Gas cooker. A determined passion, hard work and much R&D were necessary to realize modern cookers ahead of their time. Glem proudly carries on the culinary excellence, the artistic tradition, the passion for the land, the spirit of innovation and the craftsmanship of its people. The technological and aesthetic content of Glem products represents their absolute value. The range of Glem cooking appliances is a new line of cooking appliances for passionate cooks. Made with characteristic Italian design flair and quality components, combined with leading manufacturing technology for today’s kitchen, Glem appliances are designed to provide cooks with more control over their cooking results. Over fifty years of experience in the production of home appliances for cooking, years distinguished by a constant, uncompromising commitment to ideals that Glem Gas has continued to pursue with unflagging vigour. Authenticity, Quality, Pragmatism are their main core values inspiring design principles, product touchpoints, and brand communication that constantly guide  Glem’s quest to create highly specialized products in terms of performance, reliability and safety; products boasting an approach to design that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and ergonomic. Glem
A stylish modern Glem kitchen


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